Meet the ‘Big Ladies’!

“My name is Gertruud Hartog and I’ve been actively involved in arts for years. Having tried various types of arts, I found my passion in creating sculptures of strong feminine figures. My signature works are sculptures called ‘Big Ladies, portraying women full of happiness and self confidence.

The feminine figure sculptures are portrayed and made in many different shapes and sizes, with different attire. Most of them are wearing very colourful bathing suits. My style has been greatly influence by African American culture. Every single sculpture has a unique name.

The inspiration for creating Big Ladies comes from my daily life. Sometimes the smallest detail becomes the trigger and inspires me to create new sculptures with new shapes and movements. All the sculptures are unique. There aren’t two Big Ladies that are ever the same. Each sculpture is a new challenge for which I have to find the right proportion and colour.

Being creative is very relaxing and inspiring for me. Every Big Lady is perfectly finished and made with love and enthusiasm.

The sculptures can be seen on regular basis at various exhibitions in Holland. Please see Exhibition calendar for details.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Gertruud Hartog


The Big Ladies are divided into the following categories, like:

– Colourful and happy Big Ladies
– Big Ladies in black and white
– Textile Hardener
– Big Ladies’ Busts
– Spherical Big Ladies
– Spherical Big Ladies lying down on their bellies
– Mini Big Ladies
– Bottle Big Ladies

Click on ‘Beelden’ to see pictures!